Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ready for Liftoff

The Space Shuttle Discovery is pictured Tuesday night on a launch pad with the moon in the background in Cape Canaveral. Discovery was launched Wednesday on a mission to finish installing the International Space Station’s power system and deliver the first Japanese crew member to live aboard the ISS. (photo, Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images)

---WSJ Photo Journal, Pictures of the Day

Think we could arrange to send Nancy Pelosi to the Space Station for a while? Here's a great piece by Michelle Malkin on how Nancy has commandeered the Air Force as her personal airline-of-choice, on call 24/7 at her beck and call. Do we have any idea of how much she's costing tax payers with her high falootin' ways? Read it and weep. Then mail a teabag to her office with a letter of protest. Nancy's contact info: 202-225-4965, 202-225-4188, and fyi, I've added a permanent link called Contacting Congress in my sidebar to the right. Go down and find it. Use it. Soon I'll add White House contact info too.

Please note: I'll be blogging lightly for a few days. Am covered up with bus-y-ness. On top of already being swamped, I received a 20-page letter today from the IRS saying I owe back-taxes for 2007. Have been on the phone for hours with a customer representative of my online brokerage firm trying to untangle a mess that resulted from my firing a money manager back in 2006. I wasn't able to get proper basis information for taxes from this manager on some 25 stock transactions, then forgot about it. As a result the IRS says I owe thousands more dollars in taxes. In fact, when we finally get all this basis info located and documented, I will probably get a tax refund. However, it's extremely tedious work reconstructing all this, with lots of math calculations. And meetings with my accountant. Just have to bite the bullet and put it before everything else till it's over and done with.

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