Thursday, March 26, 2009

Men I Love And Things I Like Adore Seeing in New York

JOHN TAMNY: Again, Geithner gets it wrong.


Tired. Hour late. But I saw this man ironing yesterday as I walked down York in Manhattan. Were I not in such a hurry, I would have stood and watched much longer. He's a pro. The iron, the steam, and the cotton all came together under his expert orchestration. To see his finished handiwork hanging in the next window was truly a sight to behold. This is the kind of sight seeing I like best.

I love to iron and always have, even though I don't do it as much today. It's an infinitely satisfying task---with a beginning, middle and end---that you can quickly see the fruits of your well-pressed labor. I've done it enough to know a master at his craft when I see one. Here he is. Fun and inspiring to watch. And, believe me, this man's expertise is so far above my pay grade, it's not funny!

Do you like to iron? Real men and real women know the subtle joys and infinite nuances of ironing.

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Unknown said...

I enjoy ironing as well as long as my other chores are done first! My mom taught me to always pray for the person each article of clothing belonged to. These days, I rarely iron, but when I do need to touch something up, I still pray for the person who will be wearing it. I was blessed with a hubby whose mom taught him to iron his own clothes. He does a finer job of it than I!