Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The E-Bean and Me

WHEN I'M UP AT MIDNIGHT, ZIPPING ALONG, EMAILING and being fairly clever, I know something's up. I'm a scandalously early-to-bed---early-to-rise kind of gal. And so it was last night that I was up-and-at-em at 1 am. What in the world, I thought reviewing my day, caused me this super wide-awakeness?

Then I remembered: the bean. A dark chocolate-covered Espresso coffee bean. Two of them, to be precise. Someone had offered me these delicacies about noon yesterday on the way to Heritage. Don't eat too many at once, they admonished as I downed two of them. Delicious, I said. If I'd ever had one, I couldn't recall.

The rest is history as I tossed early this morning. Finally I got out of bed and took a Benadryl and another multi-mineral hoping they would put me where I so wanted to be---in deep sleep. Must have dropped off soon after, but have to say, I feel a bit sluggish and tired today.

Have learned a good lesson about me and chocolate covered e-beans. Only one. And always before 10 am. If then. If ever. And what a short-hitter I am.


Paula said...

hmmmmmmm...maybe I should ditch my vitamins and just have an e-bean for breakfast! :)

web said...

I'm considering it myself!