Wednesday, May 9, 2018

American Invasion Of Normandy in 1944----Omaha and and Utah Beaches Revisited

THERE'S NO WAY I COULD EXAGGERATE WHAT AN DEEPLY MOVING AND RICH experience going to Normandy has been.  Weather and temperature were perfect, crowds and parking manageable and the scenery, especially at Omaha Beach was stunning. Utah Beach, 20 or so miles away, was less impressive visually (though no less important for the campaign).  But Utah's marvellous museum with films and massive memorabilia more than made up for it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Today May 8 Is VE Day in France, So Off We Go to Normandy To Remember The Allied Invasion D-Day That Turned the Tide in WW2

WHEN MY CHILDREN who are living temporarily in Paris asked me what I most wanted to do during my  visit here, without hesitation I said, 'go to Normandy!' As far as I'm concerned all the other attractions in Paris and Provence---where we spent 5 days last week----simply pale in comparison to this outing.  I have been to France several times and care not a wit for a lot of sightseeing beyond Omaha and Utah Beaches.

Today my son and I go there together since the rest of the family has already made the trip.  I will post photos from my phone as I can.

God bless all the brave men and women who served there and the thousands who died liberating Europe, the Jews and the world from the horrors and true Evil of Nazi Germany. God bless the Allied troops.  And God bless America.

I consider this a sacred pilgrimage.

Below, a photo I took at Normamdy on a beautiful day with perfect weather.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sunday on Monday: The Evil of Envy

'Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming,  but who can stand against jealousy?'
---Proverbs 27:4

THE EVIL OF ENVY.  This says jealousy can be more harmful than anger.  Why?  Envy is wanting someone else's life.  But it is not just that.  In envy we don't just want other people's lives,  we resent and begeudge them their lives.  In praise you recognize other people who are better off than you and you rejoice in it. But in envy you recognize people who are better off and you burn with bitterness.  John Gielgud, the great British actor,  in his autobiography said,  'When Sir Laurence Olivier played Hamlet in 1948 and the critics raved,  I wept.'

Envy is being unhappy at other people's happiness.  Envy weeps because of those who are rejoicing and rejoices if they are weeping. It is exactly the opposite of the godly state of mind. (Romans 12:5)  And the best way to stop it is to look at Jesus, about whom it could truly be said,  'In all their distress he too was distressed.'  (Isaiah 63:9).

Is there someone you feel has the life you deserve?  Is that belief and feeling diminishing your happiness to any degree?  What can you do about it?

PRAYER:  Father,  I need the ability to be happy for people who have what I badly want.  That is a love of which I am not capable but one that I really can't live without.  I do not want to live in resentment.  Help me, Lord!  Amen

Timothy Keller,  Proverbs,  God's Wisdom for Navigating Life,  May 7,  page 127

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Une Jeune Fille Avec Une Baguette

Greetings From the 16th Arrondissement of Paris

ADMITTEDLY, HAPPY AS I am to be in France with family and grandchildren and in a lovely part of Paris, I am out of my element here. Don't care for balsammic, pastries or bread, so finding my way will be challenging. We arrived early Monday morning to 30-something temps, along with wind and rain. So much for April in Paris...It's only going to get better, as we slowly get over jet lag. A warming trend and sunshine today is bringing much needed relief! The best so far? walking and small sidewalk's been a while since I've been here. So far nothing much changed.