Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Grizzly On My Old Stomping/Fishing Ground

Photo by Baylor Beers via Cowboy State Daily. This photo was taken at Togwotee Pass near the Continental Divide. 

IN MY MANY FORTUNATE DECADES living part-time, working and fly fishing on these rivers and high mountain streams, I have seen and encountered more grizzlies than I care to remember. Except for the extreme adrenaline rush that accompanies seeing these beasts up close, these sightings are mostly uneventful, thank God. Today, however, I have lost my taste for running into them at all, not wanting to push my luck. And grizzlies here have proliferated almost exponentially. So my occasional fishing near Togwotee is always with a man, preferably packing heat, who is careful and knows how to proceed in this willowy terrain. It is still one of my favorite places on earth!

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Happy Fourth from Wyoming


BORN-AGAIN FOUNDER: The Gracious Conviction of Elias Boudinot. 

Finally, a wonderful video of one of the historical factors leading up to the American Revolution: the failed Stamp Act of 1765,

Sunday, July 2, 2023

The Gospel Explained

 By Matt Smethurst @ The Gospel Coalition

 LET'S FACE IT: the word “gospel” gets thrown around somewhat loosely in Christian conversation today—so much so that its weighty meaning can get lost, or at least muffled. To grasp the good news of the gospel, then, we must first internalize the significance of the word “news.” This is, after all, what separates Christianity from every other religion. 

 Christianity isn’t, fundamentally, good advice. It’s an announcement of good news. 

 You don’t need to go to seminary to grasp the gospel. You don’t need to be in ministry to grasp the gospel. You don’t even need to have been a Christian for five minutes in order to grasp the gospel well enough to convey it to others. 

 All you need to understand is that 2,000 years ago, an invasion took place.

 Heaven came to earth in the person of Jesus, and he inaugurated a new kingdom. 

For 33 years, he lived a life of unflinching, perfect faithfulness to God the Father. He lived the life that, try as we might, we cannot live. And because he loves us, he died the death we deserved to die.

 As a believer in Jesus, I can know that on the cross he was treated as if he’d lived my sinful life, so that I might be treated as if I’ve lived his righteous life.

And then Jesus was buried. Until he wasn’t—because three days later, he got up and walked out of his tomb.