Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My Bad Influence Emails From Maui: 'Found My Boat!'


He and his besainted, long-suffering wife are visiting family who have just moved there. Exactly what he needs to go with the new Tesla, now dry docked quietly at home in Grand Junction.


But then, not to leave well enough alone, he emails this pic which undoubtedly he thinks is hilarious....married guy humor.....but us womenfolk think is utterly puerile.

Right, Peggy.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Late: Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?

THERE ARE THOSE WHO SEEM TO ACCEPT CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR, BUT THEN LATER RECANT. They were never saved in the first place. If a person truly has a supernatural salvation experience, they can never lose it. Never.

But, Pastor John Piper does the heavy lifting with a terrifying, unpopular message in today's all-about-love church.  It's a false religion that rejects judgment: Before You Bail On Jesus, from Paul's Letter to Timothy @ Desiring God.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Speaker Ryan Slams Empty Promises of Single Payer Healthcare (Socialism)

WHY EVER WOULD WE WANT GO THERE? What fantasies would we have to believe to take the single payer bait?

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sunday: Pastor Mike Atkins Preaches On The Purpose of Problems from Judges

GOD LEFT PROBLEMS IN THE PROMISED LAND TO TEST HIS PEOPLE, ASSAY THEM, THEN TRAIN AND STRENGTHEN THEM. Every problem we're going through has a purpose. Crises show what we have become over time. As Christians, we better toughen up, because war and battles are coming our way.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

20 Years Later, The True Story of the Murder of Matthew Shepard---Not the Politically Correct Narrative---Makes Slow But Sure Progress Into the Real World

I HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM FOUR INTENSE DAYS WITH STEVE JIMENEZ, AUTHOR OF THE BOOK OF MATT IN LARAMIE, WY. It is the 20 year commemoration of the horrendous beating murder of Matthew Shephard in October, 1998, outside Laramie.  No one denies the undeserved violence of this crime.

Jimenez was headlining a Community Forum Tuesday on the real story of the life and death of Shephard based on over ten years of investigative research and reporting on the case. He asked me to come and speak on the panel. Way above my pay grade, but I did it anyway. As a former newspaper reporter and journalist, I became involved in this ongoing story with Jimenez, a gay man, in 2013 after reading his amazing book and meeting the author and several of the story's main characters in Laramie in the winter of 2014.

Here's an editorial I wrote for the Casper Star Tribune.
Matthew Shepard's family and The Shephard Foundation continue to vehemently deny and reject Jimenez's work while propagating the Myth of Matt's tragic death as a totally innocent gay man, targeted in a bar for being gay by two redneck strangers who hated gays and wanted to take him out.  He was a man who had no responsibility whatsoever in his murder.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This murder was not about gay hate between strangers, but rather about meth addiction and drug dealing between two addicted young men---Matt Shephard and Aaron McKinney who knew each other intimately.

The fake myth was far from the real story. Yet the quick myth became the rock solid narrative and fake news story of the decade pushed by the Shepards, the MSM and the radical LGBT community. The Shephard Foundation has raised millions and millions of dollars martyring Matthew over the past 20 years and don't want the flow of money and accolades to dry up. No one can deny some good has come from this narrative. Yet the good is based on a false story of Shepherd's life and death.

Today as the Shepards donate Matthew Shephard's ashes to the crypt at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. as a martyr and global icon of gay hate, the voices of reality are slowly speaking up in Laramie and elsewhere for the truth. It is not to make Matt look bad.  It is to make him look human.

 Make no mistake, these people hate Jimenez's decades long work and decry him as a liar and worse.

 Here below, Jimenez gives a radio interview today on this ongoing story with Glenn Woods in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Wyoming---Early October Snow...Not News, Carry On


Don't Be Fooled: Taylor Swift's Cheap Shots Endorsement of Phil Bredesen Has Nothing To Do With Red Tennessee, Everything With Her New-Found Home In Blue Manhattan



She's a teeny bopper globalist born and raised in Pennsylvania---not Tennessee-- with New York Times' talking points. Who's next to endorse Phil?  Cardi B?

Taylor's undoubtedly joined the Bloomberg Billionaire Brigade for Phil in Blue Manhattan while assuring she gets invited back to guest host SNL.

 No surprises here except the damage it will do to her career. Think she'll be going to Michael Bloomberg's Tuesday fund raising bash for Phil in Manhattan? I do and bet she'll even sing a ditty or two for liberal Dem elites and grandees.

And make no mistake,  senate hopeful Bredesen is a eastern elite who wants to cram blue values and agendas down Tennesseans throats cause we're not smart enough to know what's good for us.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday, Alive to Religion Yet Dead To God @ Desiring God

NO MATTER HOW MORAL WE THINK WE ARE, NO MATTER HOW RELIGIOUS, DISCIPLINED OR CHURCH-GOING, each person who comes into a relationship with the Living Christ, comes through a supernatural experience--the new birth--which bring a new aliveness to Christ.

Pastor John Piper @ Desiring God

Saturday, October 6, 2018

I'm With Camille: Women are Exposing Way Too Much Unsexy, Boring Information on Instagram (And Everywhere Else!)


CAMILLE PAGLIA: The Rise of "Strangely Unsexy" Instagram Exhibitionism — And Why It Hurts Women 

Time for a major rethink of female self-presentation.  

Welcome to the flesh parade! For the past century, women in the Western world have liberated themselves by shedding more and more clothing, from beaches and ballrooms to today's boldly bare-all Instagrams. The pro-sex wing of feminism to which I belong celebrates this historical trend, which has been accelerated by Hollywood and the fashion industry as an expression of female power and autonomy. But is there a downside? With unapologetic exhibitionism now commonplace for both workplace wear and online dating, are confused messages complicating sexual relations and deepening the divide between men and women? Since it was launched eight years ago, Instagram has grown into a global obsession, used by more than twice as many women as men. Mating has morphed into a digital mirage, dizzyingly multiplied on Snapchat and Tinder. Instagram's tweaked, filtered photos and videos are both boon and curse, sharpening self-definition yet intensifying social anxieties and risking physical safety via hypersexualized self-advertisement and fantasy.
These Kardashians leave nothing to the imagination....there's no mystery, no allure. Just raw, soon-to- be rotting meat. UGH! No thank you.

 Below, Gloria Swanson, a well presented woman of mystery and true feminine power.  Note, no nudity,  just allure.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

TN Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen Must Be In Trouble Cause He's Letting Michael Bloomberg Publicly Throw Him a Big Fundraising Bash Next Week In Manhattan


 WOULDN'T YOU LOVE TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL OCTOBER 9, when billionaire Michael Bloomberg hosts a fundraising bash in his New York City home for Senate candidate Phil Bredesen?

Undoubtedly, eastern elites, fat cats and literati will  be at Bloomberg's mega townhouse on E 79th in droves such as liberal NY Sen. Chuck Shummer, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Hillary and Bill and a host of other easterners who presume to know what's best for Tennessee and real Tennesseans.  They want Phil to win, so he and they can cram their global progressive agenda on us deplorable country bumpkins down on the farm.

Make no mistake  Phil Bredesen is a northeastern elite to his core no matter how he portrarys himself to be otherwise.

You can bet the conversations in the hallowed halls of Bloomberg land will be how to erode and discard the rule of law,  shred the Constitution,  do away with the electoral college and bring back and tax carbon credits for the sake of their climate change agenda.

Tennesseans had better be ready for a full-frontal assault on all their senses by Phil and company who want to take our fine red state back to LaLa land.  Fresh with wads of new cash,  Phil will hit us with ad after ad and stop at nothing to win this Senate seat from Marsha Blackburn.  I don't think it will happen now.

Marsha should make great political hay over this gargantuan Bredesen misstep.