Friday, June 24, 2022

Congratulations to Our Republic for De-Federalizing Roe

Needless to say,  this SCOTUS ruling won't end all abortion.  But it will return it to the states where it belongs and where the people can decide. Perhaps it will make abortion  on demand harder and more costly.  Perhaps more tiny unborn lives will be saved.  Perhaps it will cause women to be more careful, thoughtful, less cavalier in their choices going forward. God designed sex to create new life between one man/one woman and ultimately His designs will not be thwarted. 

This is one small step towards sanity in our fallen country.  

Praise God!

Kudos to Donald Trump!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

I Agree With Matthew.......

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH MATTHEW on raising the legal age to 21 to buy assault weapons, on having tighter background checks and on at least a three-day waiting period. 
I am NOT in favor of red flag laws which would be far too easy to abuse. I also am in favor of tightening security at schools and arming certain teachers and staff and/or using veterans. 

These measures will help but won't wipe out evil psychopaths completely in our fallen and depraved culture.