Friday, June 24, 2022

Congratulations to Our Republic for De-Federalizing Roe

Needless to say,  this SCOTUS ruling won't end all abortion.  But it will return it to the states where it belongs and where the people can decide. Perhaps it will make abortion  on demand harder and more costly.  Perhaps more tiny unborn lives will be saved.  Perhaps it will cause women to be more careful, thoughtful, less cavalier in their choices going forward. God designed sex to create new life between one man/one woman and ultimately His designs will not be thwarted. 

This is one small step towards sanity in our fallen country.  

Praise God!

Kudos to Donald Trump!


Tregonsee said...

There were something like 60 million abortons after Roe was decided. It is sobering to put that into perspective: It is equivalent to 10 Holocausts, or 100 American Civil Wars. Of course not all of those were the direct result of Roe, but many were.

Webutante said...

I apologize for just now posting this sobering comment, Treg, as I've had quite a summer this year in Wyoming. I had a doozy of a fall which that landed me in the ER and 11 days in the hospital. Great trauma surgeons who work on damn fools like me put me back together by God's Grace.

Nuff said!