Saturday, February 25, 2023

Discovering the Gospel in the Book of Numbers With Dr. Tim Keller

NUMBERS TAKES PLACE BETWEEN ISRAEL'S DRAMATIC DELIVERANCE out of Egypt and its coming into the Promise Land forty years later. Numbers is that time of wandering in the desert after being saved but not yet receiving the ultimate promises of redemption. This is relevant today to all Christians, as we wander in between the first and second comings of Christ. We often languish in the wilderness yet the concept of Grace by faith alone to transform curses into blessings is introduced by God through Moses. Later faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross, His death and resurrection, brings salvation and redemption to any and all who will look to Him and simply believe.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Tim Keller: Discovering Gospel Principles in the Dreaded Book of Leviticus

ARE YOU READY TO PROBE THE CONCEPT OF GOD'S HOLINESS as found in the third book of the Bible? And what is holiness, anyway?