French actress Catherine Deneuve posing during a photocall in 2014 (AFP Photo/Loic Venance)
Paris (AFP) - Selfies and social media have been the death of film stars, iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve said in an interview published Sunday.

"There are no more stars in France," the 71-year-old bemoaned just days before her latest film "La Tete Haute" (Standing Tall) opens this year's Cannes Film Festival out of competition.

The doyenne of French cinema was speaking to the Journal du Dimanche newspaper about her glittering film career, which has made her one of her country's best known actresses abroad.
Deneuve gave short shrift to a new generation of celebrities addicted to social media.

"A star is someone who must show themselves only a little and remain discreet. With the introduction of the digital age there is an intrusion of everything, everywhere, all the time," she said.
What praytell have any of the Kardashians ever done other than show skin and disgrace to society while encouraging young people to think they are worthy role models.

 Deveuve looks terrific and continues to get better with age. What a dame.