Sunday, March 8, 2009

Have A Laugh On Me Before Going Back to Being Mad

UPDATE: Bob Krumm writes today at Pajamas Media: Could Americans' Discontent Turn Violent? A great rhetorical question. Are we headed towards "going postal" in this country? Can any of us Scotch-Irish Southerners really pretend we don't know the answer? Running into Bob is always interesting and instructive. A quote from the piece linked to above:

".....passive aggression has never been the American way. Around the same time in American history, General Andrew Jackson dealt with foreign invaders quite differently (than running in the face of enemy attack). His forces slaughtered 2,000 British soldiers two weeks after the war was over, rather than let them reach New Orleans. Americans don’t go John Galt. We go postal."

Thanks, C, for emailing this to me. Still laughing....

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