Monday, March 30, 2009

Over The Kitchen Table Inside the Beltway


MY KIND AND ERUDITE RELATIVE AND HOST HERE IN DC, who--I'm horrified to admit---voted for Mr. Obama because he couldn't stomach Mr. Bush any longer, puts it this way:

"President Obama is riding a huge wave of popular tolerance at this point based on his rather attractive qualities as a human being. (??!!). But, if a year from now, 20 million people are unemployed and it is obvious that the dismissal of CEOs is not the same thing as effective policy, people are going to know the difference between symbolic sacrifice and achievement, he likely will be a one-term president.....He seems to be using the current economic crisis to achieve social engineering objectives rather than attacking the depression economy through the construction of public civil works." (!!!???)

Not bad for someone who's been reading The dying Washington Post for over 50 years. He continues, "It's very sad to see a local monopoly lose its edge. The real sadness (????!!!) though is the demise of The New York Times. (???!!) Don't think the Post was ever as creative and innovative as the Times in its reporting. Sure they did a great job on Watergate, but that was over forty years ago."

Boo Hoo! is all I can say. It couldn't happen to two more deserving enterprises.

However, after being exposed to the New York Post which started being delivered free on his street several months ago, my host says: I must say the NY Post is a great combination of skin and mean-spirited social and personal commentary...what they wrote about Bernie Madoff was simply wonderful....I won't go into anymore detail, but it was priceless and well-deserved. Bernie really skinned everybody, high rollers and school teachers alike. That's a real son-of-a-bitch."

Well said and on that we certainly can agree.


One of the things I most love doing when in DC is attend programs at the Heritage Foundation up on Mass Ave. near Union Station. Today I'm rushing around getting ready to go up for a briefing and panel discussion on the G-20 Summit in London. As Mr. Obama kicks out the GM chief, packs and assembles his cast of thousands---London papers call it his entourage--- to take with him----including cooks, basketballs and 200 Secret Service people, I think it worthwhile to hear some voices of reason regarding this whole thing. I'll report what I learn worthwhile later.

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