Monday, March 23, 2009


UPDATE: Markets sizzled Monday, but in low volume. Red flag??
I've come down with an aching sinus infection and feel like I'm swimming in concrete. It's my fault as I've absolutely worn myself out over the past few weeks with other work that had to get done. On top of this, I'm packing to catch a flight to the East coast in the morning. Nonetheless, I have lots to say, so I hope you won't give up on me as I try to juggle several balls at once and let one fall for a bounce or two before catching them again.

Markets sizzled today and we'll have to see what it all means over the next few days. Still, when IBD says Geithner's plan just may work---may work, could work, though not necessarily will work--- I listen. IBD believes the collective wisdom of the markets is greater than individual pundits. I agree. Markets spoke clearly in the affirmative today in so-so volume. Still if things don't work out long term, here's the ultimate Obama survival kit against the evils of redistribution. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, it was a great day to be on Wall Street and Main Street. AIG execs who got bonuses just started giving it away.

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