Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Building No Media/Internet Company Wants To Buy

Thursday: More on the falling fortunes of of The Gray Lady.

THE NEW YORK TIMES is so far in the hole financially that it's had to sell its new building on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, then lease it back. Whatever talks it and others have had with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, about buying the building---the Gray Lady's erstwhile white elephant-- ended yesterday with Ballmer saying flat out, a resounding NO!

"Not 'no comment,'" Ballmer added. "No."

Meanwhile early Wednesday morning I'll get up at the crack of dawn, take a walk to my favorite newstand on 79th and First Avenue and buy a New York Post and IBD. But I'm long over buying a New York Times anymore. So over it.

In other news today, The Times lightens its load and has sold one of its small regional newspapers in Florence, Alabama.


Unknown said...

Greetings Web. I enjoyed watching the video of Andrew Breitbart on you sidebar. Thanks for all the little tid-bits you include there. Have a great day!

Webutante said...

Thanks, my dear. I too thought much of what Andrew had to say was worthwhile.