Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shepherd Smith Blasts Off on Fox


Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn), head of the Senate Banking Committee who has been screaming about outrageous AIG bonuses, slipped a provision into the Stimulus Package last month called the Dodd Amendment that exempted any and all restrictions on bonuses, including those for AIG employees, that had been negotiated before February 11, 2009. And ironically, the same Senator Dodd was AIG's largest single recipient of campaign donations during the 2008 election receiving a total of $103,000 from AIG coffers. Senator Christopher J. Dodd (D- CT) 202-224-2823, 202-224-1083.

Let's note another fact: The second largest recipient of AIG campaign monies in 2008---$101,232 to be exact, was our very own righteously indignant, angry new president Obama who knew about these AIG bonuses before he was inaugurated. As IBD asked in its Thursday editorial, If AIG gives back the bonuses, will the president give back these and other campaign contributions from troubled financial institutions? Great question. Here's White House contact info:

Speaking truth to Cower at American Digest. Oh boy. There is going to be trouble, real trouble in this country. Good for Shep Smith. And it's going to get messy. And divisive. And We are not going to let them do it!


Anonymous said...

As usual, you leave out the other side. Why is that?

"President George W. Bush’s administration “specifically contemplated” paying bonuses to American International Group Inc. employees in its November agreement to provide federal bailout funds to the insurance giant, the inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program said today."

How much AIG money did George Bush receive? $200,000. [For those using Karl Rove's "new math", that's MORE than both Obama received]. Oh, the outrage! Get me my smelling salts!! And a teabag, fast!

And how about the other candidate for President in much AIG money did John McCain receive? $99,000, or $5,000 less than Obama. Oh, the humanity...

Webutante said...

All that's true and the way the game is played in Washington. However, it's the righteous indignation and outrage the Dodds and Obamas are playing and hamming it up on that makes this such a great story.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lucky for us there's no righteous indignation from the Republicans! ....LOL....

Do you ever feel like you tie yourself in knots blaming the Democrats for doing things that the Republicans do in equal numbers? Unless I'm reading your blog posting wrong, it sure looks like the point is that only the Dems took AIG money. But when it's pointed out that Republicans take AIG money, too, (to the tune of almost TWICE as much for Bush as for Obama) it's "the way the game is played."

Anonymous said...

Actually you do read my blog wrong frequently; however it's none of my business.

Just because Bush received AIG money doesn't make this incident any less outrageous.