Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks, A Personal Confession


I HAVE TO ADMIT IT. I HATE TO. But sometimes confession is good for the here goes.

Of all the stories that have hit my radar screen this year---and there have been plenty--- this has left me utterly uninterested, uninvolved to the point of massive boredom. Is it just me or can I get a witness? Whatever the answer, I am still unmoved to the point of terminal ennui. I simply can't get beyond the first paragraph.

I've often said, learned over the years, we can't manufacture interest in things we're not interested in. Can't make connections when there are none. Can't like what we don't, even when we want like crazy to, and think it may be in our best interest.

And so it is with this entire WikiLeaks story. From Day 1, I've simply had zero interest. It may be the Story of the Century, Decade and Year, but I remain unimpressed to such a degree that I'm actually repulsed every time I try to read more and see the pic of that insipid-looking man at the center of the story. Looking at him leaves me cold and bored.

Of all the articles I've attempted to read of this molehill-made-into-Mt. Everest, one of my favorite collegues and political wise guys, Roger Simon, says it best. I was able to get entirely through his post late last night with a sense of proportion and a very small degree of interest. Sure there are lessons to be learned about digital propriety and publishing our inner thoughts online. And sure there are people out there who will do anything for attention and their 20-30 minutes of fame.

Still, continue to color me massively unimpressed by this story. I'm willing to let the chips fall where they may in whatever shallowness it says about me. I don't think Hillary should let the bags under her eyes get bigger with this one, even though some new procedures could and should be put into place. Sorry....

A few updates from Roger:

UPDATE: Reading through the New York Times’ new posting from the leaks, just linked by Drudge, there still does not seem to be anything extraordinary here. Perhaps the most meaningful revelation — and something we all knew anyway — is the continued concern with Pakistani nukes. What impresses me about this information, reading through the Times report, is the predictability of it all (an erratic Gaddafi — imagine!). So far, the story remains the leaks themselves.

MORE: On of the most fascinating leaks is that North Korea sent 19 medium range BM-25 missiles to Iran. This was communicated in a cable of Feb 24, 2010 but has remained secret until this date. Why was this hidden from the public – that is the most important of this. After all, that the NORKS have been in an alliance with Iran is known to anyone even slightly interested. The fact that the Iranians are so heavily armed in the missile department has never been documented before. Was the administration afraid someone would want to do something about it? Sounds that way to me.

And now my 12-step meeting for addictive boredom with WikiLeaks is over...thank you for listening.


Tregonsee said...

There is little new here if you have a rational view of the world. So, that makes it front page inside the Beltway and in the NYT. If Assange emulates a member of the Baader-Meinhof gang, who while in close German custody committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head, twice, I will have some slight interest.

Webutante said...

Now that would be interesting....but how do you shoot yourself in the back of the head TWICE? He must have been a very bad shot!

mRed said...

WikiLeaks. Yawn. What's new?

William said...

If it will lead to the prosecution of criminals like....

Unknown said...

I'm thinking it was headline news to keep out minds and thought off of more important things! Always watch what the other hand is doing type of thing!