Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun News We All Can Use

QE2 MAY SOON LEAD US OVER THE CLIFF, TERRORISTS MAY HAVE WON AT AIRPORTS and Nancy could remain as Speaker of the House. With all that reality, it's nice to have a good, romantic love story to divert our attention now and then. Here it is: Commoner Kate Middleton and Prince William are officially engaged to be married next spring after eight years of courtship. While looks are only skin-deep, this couple is lovely to look at and Kate undeniably is already a conservative fashion icon for all of us to enjoy and take cues from in a world gone weird and wild with the likes of Gaga, who is hardly a lady in my book.
The big question is, can Kate fit into to the stuffy royal family for the long haul in ways that Princess Diana never could? Will she be able to take the endless, insufferable press attention in stride? No one knows for sure, but all indications signal she can and already does. Sure there will be bumps in the road, but overall, I think Kate and William have known each other long enough---and each other's families---to know there won't be any huge surprises. They certainly seem well suited and devoted to each other. I wish them the best and hope their union prospers in every way.
Hopefully they can live in north Wales far away from the maddening crowds and insatiable press enjoying early marriage together in the more casual countryside where the prince will continue being a search and rescue pilot for the RAF. They both love the outdoors. As the British like to say: More information will be forthcoming in due time.

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