Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FLOTUS Has Style

SAY WHAT YOU want about her politics and nutritional crusading; there's little to nothing I admire or agree with in either. However, as a fashion trend setter for several generations of women, Michelle sets a tone I haven't seen since Jackie-O. Perhaps Nancy Reagan can be considered in the same category, but I'm not sure she was as daring as Michelle. Hillaryis and was certainly no icon with her signature pantsuits and widening derrier. Both Bush first ladies turned themselves out in predictable but suitable and dignified ways.

Anyway, I like Michelle's dress above though I'd rather the sleeves be 3/4 or shorter rather than so long, and I'd love to have seen some chiffon in the top. Still the colors are striking and the outfit works with her sheepdog looking do, silver nails and earrings.

Think Michelle was having fun? Style success aside, she doesn't exactly project the image of someone who's loving what they're doing to the absolute max.And here she's the toast of the world. Could it be the jet lag or that horrendous humidity? Or is this---as she allegedly told Carla Bruni--is this the world's worst job? I hope not.


gcotharn said...

That hand over her heart .. can't be fun for her.

Her wardrobe choices here are outstanding. The sheep dog do look is truly glamourous and sexy. Its odd the way she has her knees bent. Maybe the camera caught her in a momentary shift of position.

Post FLOTUS, I would love to hear her describe how, if any, being FLOTUS changed her perception of her nation. I don't know how I would ever believe she was making genuine remarks about that subject. But, in my fantasy world, her remarks would be genuine. I would love to know, as a kind of study, how being exposed to everything which she is exposed to ... might or might not change the perception of someone who has never been proud of her nation.

Webutante said...

All great observations, Greg, thanks!

I expect, because Michelle is so tall, she's given to bending her knees on occasion to keep from seeming to tower over others in the line-up, especially all those short Indians.