Friday, November 26, 2010

Titans Flap: Coach Jeff Fisher Does Not Accept Vince Young's Text Apology


I REALLY LIKE JEFF FISHER EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT A BIG PRO FOOTBALL FAN. He's my kinda man. Like everyone in the sports world, I've been following the latest Titans flap which erupted when quarterback Vince Young injured his thumb, was sidelined then stormed off the field during a subsequent temper tantrum. Young was protesting Fisher's decision to bench him for the duration after the Titans loss to Washington recently.

The latest to this brouhaha is that Young texted Fisher an apology on his cell phone for walking off the field. Say what?

It did not go over well with the Titans coach. I couldn't agree more. Not only did Young show Fisher massive disrespect as head coach for storming off the field, he also minimized his childish behavior in his less than courageous text apology.

Fisher confirmed he did receive Young's text but preferred a face-to-face effort on Young's part.

"I'm not a real big text guy," Fisher said. "I'm not really into this new-age stuff. I don't Twitter or tweet, but I think face-to-face is a man thing."

According to ESPN, the text included Young thanking Fisher for the opportunity to play for the Titans and wishing him and the team good luck for the rest of the season. Young ended the text by asking Fisher to have more faith and confidence in him moving forward, and said that they each wanted the same thing — to win a Super Bowl.

Fisher said he hasn't met with Young. On Monday, Young was told by an assistant coach to leave Baptist Sports Park while the team met to discuss his situation. Young was placed on injured reserve and will miss the rest of the season with the torn flexor tendon in his thumb.

Fisher has done the right thing to not jump at Young's puerile apology and let him off the hook so easily. He should take his time before letting Young approach him in person and take full responsibility for his childish behavior. Then and only then can Fisher decide what to do next, if anything.

As I say, I really like Jeff Fisher. To accept Young's cowardly excuse for an apology would only diminish Fisher in the eyes of his team and fans. So I back him 1000% in his stance on Vince Young. Young needs to man up and grow up, and taking short cuts won't cut it.


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