Friday, November 5, 2010

Several Worthwhile Articles

ROGER/PAJAMAS/RHETORICAL QUESTION: IS CALIFORNIA HOPELESS? IN SCOURING MY DAILY HAUNTS TODAY, I came across three high-quality pieces I want to post below because I think they're well worth our time:

FIRST AND FOREMOST, Tunku Varadarajan writes today at The Daily Beast on how President Obama has allowed relationships with one of the United States' greatest democratic allies---India---to wither on the vine, while simultaneously pursuing and playing nice with our enemies----those whose goal is to bring down our country and everything it stands for. For that, Mr. Obama is viewed in India, the ultimate red country, with great skepticism, even as his upcoming and polite hosts take down all the coconuts in Obama's path to keep our president from injuring his un-turbaned head. To wit Tunku writes in A Tattered Special Relationship:

Barack Obama’s visit to India, starting Saturday, may offer him some small respite from the drubbing that has made this week the nadir of his political life; but if he’s looking (a la Elizabeth Gilbert/Julia Roberts) for some Eastern salve for his battered soul, he isn’t going to find it in Mumbai or New Delhi....

SECOND, Bob Cusack writes realistically at The Hill on The Top Ten Challenges Boehner Will Face As Speaker of the House. While I'm overjoyed and thankful that conservatives have taken the House, I continue to think there are many difficulties ahead for us that may be hard to impossible to overcome in the next two years without a Republican Senate majority. Cusack highlights the heavy lifting House conservatives have cut out for them, starting with earmarks and going all the way to repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

THIRD, Graham Summers of Phoenix Capital Management writes today at Zero Hedge on the fallout of Ben Bernanke's foolish decision this week to foist another massive money printing scheme---lovingly refered to as QE2---on the American people. Even if you hate to read articles on the economy, this is well worth the struggle. Summers tells us succinctly three effects we might expect in the upcoming year: The Fed's Gone All In.

We can expect QE2 1) to fail miserably like QE1, 2) currency and trade wars to become the new normal and 3 ) inflation to make all commodity prices rise even more, including precious metals, oil, gasoline and especially food. Might be a good time to stock up on food staples for next year.


William said...

You should ad this to your list of articles. Every American should read this.

Webutante said...

Surely you don't believe all that nonesense, do you? I suppose you do considering the source.

Have you ever thought of moving to California? Your kinda place.

William said...

Surely we would not want to blame an administration that presided over the worst recession in modern history, the biggest stock market losses, and the worst job record in history,.... no, just ignore these facts and blame the guy on the job for 22 months. Seems logical to me. You?

mRed said...

Every American? Well, at least every American that needs a chuckle. The writer has obviously never owned a company nor does he have an inkling of how markets work. He just has what he, in his limited experience, thinks about how markets, business and people should act. Has hasn't a clue about money, but he gave us many clues about his idealogical purpose.

Webutante said...

Thanks mRed. I agree.

And William, though all parties and administrations on both sides of the aisle over the past 40 years---as well as many other civilized countries--- have contributed and participated in the amazing growth of the economy and culture THROUGH THE EXPANSION OF DEBT, that ride under the Obama administration has gone exponential and ballistic and is no longer sustainable.

The truth is, sooner rather than later, YOU, William, YOU, will see/experience this country's and our government's debt and bailout follies in bold black and white. And it won't be pretty. There will be blood on the streets.

Our current way of life is no longer sustainable and Obama---along with the crazed Ben Bernanke---has got his foot on the gas pedal steering us at 120 mph toward a cliff the size of the Grand Canyon.

But don't believe me or argue, just wait and see for yourself. It's coming and coming much too fast now

fraydna52 said...

Oh, lucky us. I can't wait for the severe debt and hyperinflation to lead us to a euro-like world currency.

Will it help any to have a skill or product that can be bartered? Or will that be illegal?

Webutante said...

Yes, Fraydna, lucky us...we'll all probably have to become census workers rather than using our ingenuity and skills!

What a world!

Webutante said...

William, I'm afraid you'll have to save your comment on how Obama saved capitalism for YOUR blog. I'm sure my few readers will go racing over there for the startling revelation.

Meanwhile, good day.