Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010: Retired Lt. Col. Allen West



gcotharn said...

"a theo political ... construct"

I like it. I shall steal it.

In this End Zone post, Bill Whittle interviews a type of whistleblower who was tasked by the U.S. with finding moderate language in the Koran which could be used in a public relations campaign to shift Muslim opinion in favor of the U.S. To his surprise, he discovered that Muslim fundamentalists' interpretations of Islam are absolutely justified by the Koran. He disseminated his research results inside the U.S. government, and his results were - across the board - flatly ignored by the U.S. government.

Now, a maybe odd thing: many or most Muslims flatly ignore Koranic injunction to slay the idolators ... possibly as many Catholics flatly ignored Vatican instruction to forgo birth control (is the Vatican still against birth control? I don't know). So, there are a majority of Muslims who want nothing to do with slaying us. However, even if only, say 20% of 1.2 Billion Muslims would aid Muslims who want to slay idolators, that equates to 240 million Muslims who would cooperate (providing logistical support, et al) with plots against the West. So: not comforting - especially as the Muslims who want us dead believe that lies and deception ("taqiya") are perfectly acceptable tactics in their war against us. Therefore, how do we identify Muslims who want to kill us? Difficult.

Also failing to comfort: the Western Left's refusal to contemplate just how many Muslims want the West to die. The Western Left is in massive denial. We're in some trouble. But men like Allen West provide hope.

Webutante said...

Thanks, Greg. Yes, men like Veteran and now U.S. Congresssm West understand the truth and also know how to articulate it.

Did you hear him say here that he didn't need to be liked? Now he need not care if he's re-elected. He now just needs to focus on following his principles, speaking up and letting the chips fall...