Sunday, November 21, 2010

Signs of the Holy Spirit In a Life


I place these five grand marks of the Spirit’s presence before my readers, and confidently claim attention to them. I believe they will bear inspection. I am not afraid of their being searched, criticized, and cross-examined.

1) Repentance toward God. (
Knowing beyond a doubt that we are truly sinners in need of a Savior. That doesn't make us perfect, it just keeps us continually in the repentance process with God.)

2) Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. (Knowing we are saved only by believing in the finished work of redemption by Jesus Christ on the Cross.)

3) Holiness of heart and life. (
Striving to life a life worthy of our salvation, because we love and want to please Christ, not to earn our salvation because that's impossible.)

4) Habits of real private prayer. (Having an ongoing personal relationship and conversation with God.)

5) Love and reverence toward God’s Word. (Being more and more attracted to reading and studying God's Word on a daily basis.)

These are the real proofs of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in a man’s soul. Where He is, these marks will be seen. Where He is not, these marks will be lacking.

~ J.C. Ryle

Source With Gratitude

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Bob's Blog said...

I rate myself as okay on numbers 1-4, but I don't do number five.