Friday, November 12, 2010

From Roll Call: We Need to Know

WE'RE SO TOLERANT AS SOME OF US PAT OURSELVES on the back for our progressive multiculturalism. On Capitol Hill no less.

But did you know, that several radical Muslims with ties to terrorist organizations have and are 'praying' on The Hill on Fridays? Evidently the site that named names for the sake of 'transparency' has now decided on a policy of 'non-transparency,' and been taken down. The above video on YouTube will probably come down too, as it has on Roll Call's site. So watch it while you can and bookmark it in your brain.

Can you imagine Iranian clerics allowing a weekly Christian service in Anglais at government headquarters in Tehran? Just saying.


And in other stuff we might be interested in knowing: The Daily Beast is merging with Newsweek. Only have one thing to, make it two: 1) Tina Brown may think she's moving up in the world, but she's really moving down, down, down, like Katie Couric did a few years ago with great fanfare. 2) There goes the neighborhood.

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