Saturday, January 5, 2008


SUNDAY: Comcast/Blogspot is moving at a snail's pace this morning and so I'll make it short and sweet. It's a wonderful time of the year to be quiet, still, introspective and let God speak to us in Silence. We're so bombarded with words, noise, stimulation of every kind, and to-do lists that it's healing just to be quiet and slow. Can you sit in one place, for say an hour, without getting up or doing anything, including being on the computer? With no background noise? Deep prayer is so needed at this time of year. Such wisdom and insight can come to us when we get off the goal oriented track, even for a little while each day.


Twas about as bitter cold as it gets the other morning on the mountain, or The Plateau as we call it. I love seeing these glass vases over the sink in the kitchen window as I looked out at the stark, frozen landscape beyond.


Suzi said...

Dear Webutante,

Love your blog, very interesting. Enjoyed the evening with you gals.Pics are great. Be safe.


Tregonsee said...

Actually, "The Mountain" refers to Monteagle Mountain, as opposed to all the others, which are simply "a mountain."

web said...

suzi, leave it to the little sister in the group to know how to comment! love it....feel free to come back and stir it up anytime!

Monteagle mountain?! that's just a mountain with an interstate going over it.....