Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trains: Most Fun Way to Travel

Have never liked the idea of driving in the U.K., though I motor everywhere in the U.S. But it's okay because, as far as I'm concerned, getting to ride the train is a civilized luxury and treat all its own. Riding up to Inverness Monday and back last night was a case in point. I either stare out the window for hours on end taking in scenery, or read, read, read. Can't do that in the driver's seat.

Between Perth and Inverness, we pass through higher elevations of Highlands that could easily be mistaken for Colorado or Wyoming. While staring out the window, I also looked for 'trout water.' This, above, is my kind of good looking water for wade fishing. Nice riffles and deep undercut banks. A good small size stream. No telling what lurks in them thar higher elevations.

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Jungle Mom said...

WOW! thanks for sharing all these lovely fotos with us.