Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Greens of Scotland


Sorry to see Fred Thompson withdraw from the presidential race. But I've thought all along that Fred would make a fine VP. Only time will tell, but I predict he, like Bill Richardson for the Dems and Hillary, will be a heavy contender. He already is in my book.

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William said...

Thanks for the photos. It was exactly 10 years ago in Dec that I drove through Glencoe for the first time and out on the ferry to Skye. Winter is really a wonderful time to drive around Scotland, despite the weather. I loved driving the backroads and coastal islands, stopping in pubs so rarely frequented by visitors, a real glimpse into Scotish life. Something wonderfully 'basic' about society there. I found the accent of the ladies so appealing, more than a wee bit of charm. I miss the cider and the ceilidh (kay'-lee). It was wonderful playing a concert at the ancient U of Glasgow and visiting Edinburgh - one of the world's great cities.