Tuesday, January 8, 2008

McCain In the Spotlight

Tonight I'm watching McCain give a victory speech in New Hampshire after beating Mitt Romney by about 7 percentage points. While McCain has never been my candidate, I think he's coming across fairly well here, and also in his PajamasMedia interview yesterday. I think McCain is strong on foreign policy and the War on Terror, it's his domestic issues that leave me cold.

I heard McCain speak in person at the Heritage Foundation last year and thought he seemed tired and a bit old. But I must say, I now find him more energized and focused than I did last year.

The race between The Clintons and Obama is tight, but Hillary is still in the lead. I frankly hope that she beats him. To me, Obama is the less appealing candidate of the two of them because he's very idealistic and has so little practical experience. In the end, it's principles, issues and character rather than personalities, charm and hope I'm interested in.

Fred Thompson continues to disappoint. And so far, I haven't heard a peep about Mike Huckabee.


Frederick said...

very,very good¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Vienna VA said...

John McCain is at least principled. As a POW tortured in Vietnam, he alone among the Republicans running for President has come out against torture techniques that seem to be all the rage on the right these days. Maybe his inability to raise his arms above his shoulders due to inhumane treatment and lack of medical attention during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton has something to do with it.

Also, he has two sons currently serving in the military - one a boots on the ground enlisted Marine, the other at the Naval Academy. He gets props from me for putting his money where his mouth is. I think Duncan Hunter is the only other candidate on either side with a child in the US military.

A Hillary/McCain matchup would be interesting, and I'd give the nod to McCain in that race.

Webutante said...

If it comes down to a Hillary or McCain choice in November, I too would go for McCain. He's not my first choice, but I'm watching and listening to him more seriously now, Vienna.