Thursday, January 3, 2008

All Eyes On Iowa

UPDATE6: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you. Hope has won over fear, doubt. Time for honesty. And change, change, change. I will be that president for American if you just give me the chance. O-Bam-A! I will punish those American companies who create jobs and wealth for our people. Climate change, poverty....tonight we're one step closer to saving the world and big change! People who love this country can change it. All we are saying, is give hope a chance. Altogether now, give appeasement, naivete and inexperience a chance. Give change for change's sake a chance.

UPDATE5: Chuck Norris, with wife, standing on the podium behind Mike Huckabee as he makes his victory speech looks like a grinning cheshire cat. Huckabee comes across much less pedantic, but there he goes with the need for a change, change, change. Then adds, the greatest generation is yet to be born. The election is not about him, but a prairie fire of new hope and zeal. It's about WE THE PEOPLE! And loving those behind us.... Okay, Mike, time's up. I want to know how you're not going to change my tax rate to 43%.

UPDATE4: The Clintons are acting like VICTORS, even though they certainly showed poorly tonight as in coming in third. Touting themselves as the great agents of change who are ready to lead---read that rule--because, remember, they know what change is best for us. They have 'big goals' and without them we won't recognize our country in a few years. They want to change this country. Oh please. Enough already.

UPDATE3: Please someone put John Edwards out of his misery. He is undoubtedly the greatest bore/demagogue ever to run for public office. I refuse to listen ever again to the story of his father working in a mill, as if he's trying to soften up a jury in a billion dollar class action suit. I may have to change the channel or turn off the tellie.

UPDATE2: No question, Obama takes Iowa, a state that is 95% white. This is a win of historic proportions. I have no idea how this will affect The Clintons in the big picture, but it surely will have an effect. Rumors abound that Fred is nearly broke, and may not even be able to get to South Carolina unless he comes in a solid third tonight in Iowa. While his campaign officially denies this, everything I hear here in Tennessee off the record is that Fred's chances are diminishing every day, though he may hang in there a little longer. No one hates this more than I. Also hear Giuliani's campaign is waning. Judith Nathan cannot be helping him.

UPDATE: What each candidate needs Thursday night in Iowa, from Real Clear Politics, via Don Surber.

How the Democratic caucus works. How the Republican caucus works.

More as the day and evening unfold. But for now it's a Mike Huckabee/Barack Obama kinda wintery day, much to my chagrin. Neither man would make a good president, but it could be a thorn in The Clintons' side. But they're still the 800 pound gorilla in the long run. Fred Thompson is still the best candidate for the job, in my opinion but seems to have little momentum. The good news is that this caucus could be the end of the road for John Edwards.

Dick Morris opines.


Jungle Mom said...

I am a Fredhead, too. but, we will have to wait and see...

Marie said...

I have read repeatedly on Free Republic that Fred has a 6 million war chest for South Carolina.

web said...

Hope that you're right, Marie. Fred probably will make it to South Carolina, where hopefully he can revitalize himself. But Huckabee's surge cannot be good for Fred's prospects.

Mred said...

IMHO, Huckabee will be taken apart like a cheap suit by press and pundits. Fair or not it is the result of moving to the front, but Huckabee has so many loose threads for them to pull.

Rudy & Fred have both differed from the pack to pursue a Southern strategy and delegate rich states. Gutsy moves by both, but obviously risky laying back in the early races.

McCain is my real worry. Like him or not, he is tenacious to a fault and has more lives than a cat.

I'm praying Fred has the needed legs for the long run with a dash to the front near then end.

Rant over.

web said...

perceptive, wise rant, mRed and I hope you're right....Fred has been known to come from behind before in his first winning Senate race, so it's still possible....but scary for us who think he's the best candidate....

Bob said...

Great post. I especially liked your paraphrasing of Obama.