Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Clintons, All They Really Want To Do Is Be Friends With You


Come all ye who are heavy ladened, and they will give thee whatever you need.

And the beat goes on as they promise more to make our lives easier, so they can become our Big Mummy/Big Daddy, Best Friends, and even greater Grand Helpers to our children and our children's children.

Who dares refuse their helping, outstretched, groping hands of friendship and help? They will give, give, give (in a manner of speaking) and pay for it by taking, taking, taking as they opt for higher and higher taxes. What a deal.

Of course Mike Huckabee would extend the Nanny State too, and in addition tell us what we should and shouldn't eat, for heaven's sake.


hg said...

If the Clintons win and give every man, woman and child free medical care plus three meals a dayand season tickets to all Yankees games, they still couldn't roll up the national debt of our current warlord president.

Vienna VA said...

Web, once again you've fallen for the latest right wing talking points. Take a deep breath and try to calm down.

Yes, the Clinton camp is offering babystitting. That does not mean that they are going to raise your takes and offer Marxist/Leninist Daycare facilities throughout the United States. Some of the high school aged children of campaign workers (at least 99% of whom are volunteers) are donating their time to babysit the children of caucus goers for a few hours. I mean, I don't know what the rates for babysitting are in Iowa, but I know what they are here, and if someone had offered me free babystitting during either of the last two campaign cycles, I probably would have taken it, as long as I knew the parents and/or kids who would be doing the siting. Heck, I might have even accepted an offer from someone from Huckabee's campaign, though I suspect my two junior communists-in-training might get tired of hearing lectures about why "Papists" don't go to heaven...

Would it surprise you to learn that most if not all campaigns out in Iowa are arranging for transportation to and from the caucus locations? By your logic, that would mean that Mitt Romney wants to take away our cars and provide socialist transportation options, right?

Also, every campaign probably provides the volunteers with water bottles, coffee (Romney's camp excluded), donuts and the occasional pizza. Does that mean that Republicans, like their Democratic conterparts, want to provide every household in America with free food?

No. It means it's the end of the campaign in Iowa, and every campaign is doing whatever it can to win. No one is coming to take your car, or provide you with government funded babysitting or mandate your diet. So try and calm down, and be reassured that Hillary Clinton would never want to be your best friend anyways.

My prediction for tonight: Obama wins, followed by Edwards in 2nd and Hillary in 3rd. Huckabee wins by 8 points over Romney and McCain comes in 3rd.

p.s. *Love* the comments left on the article you linked to. The obsessive Hitlery KKKlintoon hatred makes BDS look like a slight case of the sniffles.

Webutante said...

You're right, Vienna, babysitting for Iowa caucuseers is not going to raise our taxes or take our Kodachrome away. However, the point is the larger, looming issue of the rule of Clintons when and if the time should come, heaven forbid. The waist of theNanny state will indeed expand and become
obese, to say the least.

Bob said...

Key word here is "groping"

Bob said...

I thought it was going to be "I got you, babe!" Those were some tight-fittin pants they were both wearing!