Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hillary's Garden Again

Does anyone seriously think this wasn't a plant for Hillary's--the real human being's-- garden?

Expect many more public surprises that make Hillary look like a softer version of Godzilla. Perhaps a guest appearance on a cooking show, with a few olive oil stains on her shirt? A Valentine ad featuring baby birds chirping in the background? Her folding Bill's laundry or mending a big hole in the toe of his sock? Helping Chelsea apply lip gloss? Maybe her tripping on the podium and being caught by King Arthur? Hillary and Bill reaffirming their wedding vows?? The possibilities are utterly endless. Let's just not get taken in by them.

via JamieWearingFool .


Daughter of the King said...

Amen....where were the tears when her darlin'(blah) husband was going from one woman to another...what kind of WOMAN would put up with that? is a sham...being choreographed by the *machine* that is running her.....for P-O-W-E-R.....imho...

Pam said...

oooohhh! screeching here! I went to the link you provided and watched her "preach" in a SC church this a.m. YUCK! She says be doers of the Word, well my soul, she needs to take a stand against abortion then, due to the Word teaching us that murder is sin!And I could go on and on!