Thursday, January 17, 2008

Horror of Horrors, an Off-Color Obama Joke Gone Bad In Colorado


Lest we forget how far down the slippery slope of political correctness we've gone, perhaps the latest flap in Colorado can be of some elucidation.

A one liner made by a rancher at a banquet there goes something like this: If Obama wins the White House the name of the building will have to be changed. It was intended to be silly and funny, though granted it was perhaps a little on the puerile side. Nothing more, nothing less. Innocuous and pretty tame at that. In fact, really tame.

But, as if on cue, the horrified gasps began in a cacophany of condemnation as righteous indignants and politicians began tripping over themselves and each other to see who could be the most reactive and offended at such a terrible remark.

Colorado governor Bill Ritter whined that he gasped. Let us not forget that Colorado is the state where Ward Churhill made his first million defaming the United States, capitalism and the hand that fed him.

Greely businessman, William Farr who made the joke bowed to public disdain and quickly apologized which only poured fuel on the flames. If he really meant it, then fine. But it's not fine if he didn't. I say he should have stuck to his guns, and his right to make a wise crack on the podium that said more about him than anyone or anything else.

The reactors sounded like they took lessons from the Islamic extremists in the Muslim cartoon episode as they threatened through world tantrums to dumb down the system of free speech.

When will we ever learn about the First Amendment? Which allows off-color humor, if you'll pardon my French. It allows us all to be brilliant, tacky, tasteless, dull, stupid and immature.

Most of all it gives us the right to offend others, like it or not. And the right for others to offend us which allows us to walk away, leave the room, or end our subscription.

Oh yes it does.


The politically incorrect answer to the joke at the banquet? If Obama wins we should rename the building the Brown House? Half-and Half House? Coffee with Cream House? Halfway House? The Afro-Centric House? House of Cards?

The possibilities are endless. What fun.

When our country and its citizens can no longer say a joke, take a joke, play a joke and give a joke, then the end is nearer than we think. God help us all.


Jungle Mom said...

This reminds me of a latin comedian who joked that if a latin were president, the White House would be painted yellow or orange.
It was funny!

web said...


Marie said...

It would have been ok if Sharpton or Jackson had told the joke. I can see them now: "We're gonna rename it the black house!" (applause)

Tom Blogical said...

It's really sad to see how "P.C." our country is getting. I long for the good 'ole days with common sense.

Time to fire up a good Friar's Club Roast. :-)

bryz said...

being "PC" is gay

Bob said...

Points well taken. Another gift to the nation from Colorado.

Anonymous said...

The First Amendment also gives people the right to gasp at stupid jokes.