Thursday, January 24, 2008

The MacDonald Clan of Scotland, Then and Now


Today: As a descendent of the famous MacDonald clan, Lord of the Isles, Graeme Gorrie talked to me Wednesday during a taxi ride to Dunkeld about the threat of radical Islam in Scotland:

"I could never see al Qaida getting more of a foothold in Scotland. Sure maybe they will for a time in England or in London. But up here, our boys know how to fight and keep fightin. The English always send the Scots in as the first line of defense in war. We're tougher, meaner. It's in our genes for hundreds and hundreds of years.

"Do you know what really happened to those doctors in Glasgow who tried to blow up the airport? They were taken out and beaten to within an inch of their lives. One of them may have died by now and the rest of 'em only wish they were dead. We won't ever hear about them making trouble again. As long as the thousand of heirs of the MacDonalds are here, they will never get very far with anything, I assure you. There is still swift justice at times in this country."

Okay Dokey. I certainly shall take him at his word and hope he's right on this. Maybe we need more MacDonalds on our borders.

DISCLAIMER: I've not made time to research what happened to the Glasgow doctors or collaborate Graeme's story. Why bother? Whoever would want facts that might get in the way of a good Scottish story? The MacDonalds will always be King of the Isles in my book and al-Qaida won't, it's just that simple.

The powerful Lord of the Isles, Sir Donald MacDonald, and his fierce clan from the islands off the west coast of Scotland, made life miserable for the people in the area of Glen Urquhart around Loch Ness from the time they appeared on the scene around 1395. The Lord of the Isles were in constant battle and often changed sides in Scotland's constant battle to win its independence from England. During this period, the pugnacious clan was the largest landowner in the British Isles after the kings of England and Scotland.


Bob said...

Makes me think of Braveheart.

Pam said...

Web, Shane was disgusted after reading the Wikipedia link you included for the post on Haggis! He said that from now on when his older brother aggravates him, he will call him an "old Haggis"!! LOL

web said...

It is rather disgusting, Pam, to read about. However, I'm told that the modern culture there no longer fixes haggis the 'old' way. Rather, it's made with sausage (and heaven only knows what's in that) or ground beef or lamb. I'm afraid I don't like to eat things that have a lot of mystery ingredients in them though.