Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday to Sunday, To the Motherland

....God willing, with family to help plan a spring wedding in the countryside of Scotland. I'll be away from the computer for a few days over the weekend, but hope to be back blogging a little, early next week from Perthshire or Inverness. Perhaps a post on Mary Queen of Scots or the Presbyterians.

Some of the great Scottish preachers.

God be with you.

And finally and most importantly, for Sunday Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church on three ways, three kinds of men.


Tom Blogical said...

First, how is/was your trip? I'd love to go there on a golfing trip someday...

Second, sorry this is off-topic, but I thought of you today while dropping my wife off at work (long story--but we're looking for a new vehicle). While listening to the radio, I learned that Field and Stream named Glenwood Springs, Colorado one of their top fishing holes. Have you ever fished there?

Webutante said...

First, Tom, the trip is simply wonderful. Scotland is a lovely land with people who seem to have their feet firmly on the ground. I've been a fortunate guest of my son's fiancee's family in Bridge of Earn outside Perth. We aren't far from Glen Eagles and St. Andrews, both fine golfing destinations, but haven't been there on this visit. BTW if you haven't seen the YouTube video of Robin Williams talking about golf in Scotland, go there and type it in. Hilarious, but far too profane for me to post here.

I have fished near Glenwood Springs with a man friend, but not for trout, but rather for gar. While I found it interesting, I am not interested in doing it again. Perhaps the Frying Pan and other Aspen fishing venues is the reason. But nothing compares with Wyoming and Montana for fly fishing for trout.

Pam said...

I thoroughly enjoyed these videos! Wouldn't it be nice to dance a jig like that? (First videocdlip). Well, perhaps you ca,Web, but aye, not myself!

Now I know why you're there! Planning a spring wedding. Just devine!

Oh and a hearty AMEN to the last video!