Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Nails Huck, Now He Needs To Hammer McCain

Fred finally shows his stuff in South Carolina Thursday night. Only time will tell if it's too little, too late. But for sure, this was worth the price of admission. Here Fred is clear, concise, focused and truly defines the differences he has with Huckabee. Now he needs to do it with John McCain and fast. Then he needs to keep doing it. And doing it. And doing it.

"Fred went light on John McCain because he needs McCain to win Michigan. If either of the others win there, South Carolina is a three-way contest and Fred loses and has to drop out of the race. Of the threee candidates contesting him in the Palmetto State, McCain was the only one Fred couldn’t eliminate, so Fred left him alive to deliver a death blow to Romney in Michigan while Fred concentrated on killing Huckabee himself."

---Bob Krumm, live blogging from South Carolina, Thursday night.


jg said...

I disagree with your choice of Fred T. He just does not have fire in the belly. You never get the feeling he is really in the race to win. Could it be that his young wife wants to be first lady?
My choice is Rudy or Mitt. Both are solid managers, leaders, well spoken, know the ropes and just look presidential.
I would not deny McCain. he is a national hero but he is old and he does have skin cancer.
Huck scares me. A bit tooooo far right.
Having said that I feel the nation will dismiss Rudy due to his suspicious business dealings and Mitt because bigotry is alive and well and they will not accept a Mormon. Alas, I will then vote for my AZ senator and hope he has the stamina to beat Hill. God help us if she wins. Obama is an aberration. He is not experience, not a proven leader, clouds of his Muslim upbringing surround him and his race could be held against him.
Yes, the pundits do agree that Bill called Richardson and told him to lay low and he will be VP. That is out in the media.

John R. said...

I'd rather have a candidate have "good sense in the head" and "steel in his backbone" than "fire in his belly."

Somebody influential said this "fire" phrase early about Thompson and people have mindlessly "parroted" it ever since.

Thanks, but I'll think for myself--and vote for Fred.


John R. said...


My response was to media people "parroting."

Was not directing an insult at you... although it probably came across that way...