Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mr. Obama: Calling A Miserable Flop A Success in Copenhagen Only Continues to Diminish His Dwindling Credibility

THERE ISN'T A SOUL who thought President Obama's appearance at the AGW climate confab in Copenhagen was anything but a complete dud, a flop of the highest order, a disgrace. His performance was dissed by proponents and opponents of a climate treaty alike.

Calling Mr. Obama the man who killed the treaty in Copenhagen, the New York Post writes this morning:

After a day spent frantically darting around Copenhagen trying to locate world leaders, getting snubbed by China's premier and crashing a meeting where he had initially been kept out, President Obama heralded a last-minute, largely toothless UN global-warming summit deal that drew fast fire from all sides as a sham.

Almost no one was happy with the outcome of the two-week confab and even the president, who was slammed by liberals and Republicans alike, along with other world leaders, admitted that the pact doesn't legally commit any of the nations involved -- the point of the summit in the first place.

Obama may become known as "the man who killed Copenhagen," said Greenpeace US head Phil Radford, one of many activists to rap the president for the flimsy agreement with India, South Africa, Brazil and China, which thwarted the president throughout the conference.

The deal, which would have to be accepted by all nations to be adopted, asks all parties to list how they'll cap emissions by set amounts, among other general goals.
But critics say it pushes any legally binding steps into the future.

It was roundly blasted as a farce from all quarters. The president has wrecked the UN and he's wrecked the possibility of a tough plan to control global warming," said Bill McKibbon of the progressive group "It may get Obama a reputation as a tough American leader, but it's at the expense of everything progressives have held dear."

Of course those of us who see this whole scandal of AGW as a farce to begin with, who believe warming and cooling on earth have gone on since the beginning of time and are caused by forces much larger than mankind see this whole fiasco as a blessing in disguise. However, the forces for AGW still have great momentum and we have to continue beating the drums for sanity and real science in the pursuit of a cleaner, better environment rather than one world government shepherded by the Al Gores of the world.

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