Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fishermen's Christmas Tree

SUGARPLUMS DANCING IN THEIR HEADS? Think again if it's fishermen. Dreams are all about catching big trout, strippers and bass, to name only a few, for friends at the Golden Gate Casting Club in San Francisco! I'm not quite the maniac as some of them, but I can appreciate their fervor. Merry Christmas to all fishermen and non-fishermen alike!

Will post more pics as I can.


mRed said...

Merry Christmas Webutante. I hope there is a promise of the fiestiest and most beautiful fish under your tree this year.

Webutante said...

Thanks, mRed, you made my day! And Merry, Merry back to you and your family!

Robson Valente said...

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Unknown said...

Did you say they catch "strippers"??? ;)

I hope your Christmas was one of your merriest, Web!

Webutante said...

Thank you Pam, it truly was.