Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tennessee Dem Rep. John Tanner to Retire in 2010

UPDATE: The Dangerous Dozen House Races of 2010
THIS IS GOOD NEWS for swing state Tennessee and conservatives everywhere. While, Tanner is a blue dog Democrat and mostly fiscally conservative, there is new blood in the wings that many of us are excited about. How about a farmer and gospel singer going to Congress? I kinda like the ring of it:

Tanner was almost certain to have a tough election. GOPers are thrilled with the prospects of Stephen Fincher (R), a farmer and gospel singer who raised more than $300K in his first several weeks campaigning. Though Tanner has nearly $1.4M in the bank, he may not have wanted to deal with what would have been his first tough race in years.

An open seat has the potential to attract big fields on both sides. Fincher may have the benefit of a strong head start, but he may soon find company in such an attractive race for the GOP. Still, GOPers believe he's the real deal, and his warchest may scare others away.

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