Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now: Me On Clooney's New Movie 'Up In the Air'


IT'S ALREADY GETTING OSCAR BUZZ for best picture, but I think it's just another film that George Clooney gets to play George Clooney----hip, handsome, depraved as ever--- for fun and profit..... I'll have a little more to say about it---and what it says about our equal opportunity, gender-neutral moral decay and Gotcha! mentality----later.

LATER: While some women may cheer uproariously that the plot-line here is one of infidelity and recreational sex which now puts the proverbial shoe squarely on the other foot and this is vastly entertaining, I say, that foot and its mate are nonetheless so diseased and depraved they're maimed beyond recognition.

In fact, so crippled are the glamorized feet that star in this movie I can only add wrong is still wrong is still wrong is still wrong. Wrong is wrong no matter who does the wronging and who is the wrongee or how beautiful they are; it's an equal opportunity de-moralizer. Same song, umpteenth verse---airport security-blackberry-board room-to bedroom edition. This movie is entertaining and no doubt we'll see ourselves in the traveling scenes as well as those of people getting fired by the cool hand of Clooney the tough-love professional jerk who always has the I-get-the-last-word/please hand over your office keys then hurry up and get on with your life upper hand.

Still, I shudder to think how many kids will go to this movie, not recognizing the desperately sad isolation and detachment it glamorizes and pursues. It's a movie of the compassionless lost leading the compassionless lost to even greater lostness. A movie where people meet, interact and never change, grow or grow up. Rather, like rats on a wheel, they seem to go on endlessly imprisoned into taking the easy, quick fix way out, digging themselves deeper into graves of their own making. This is not freedom, folks.

Slavery and depravity, thy 2009 movie is Up In the Air. It will be wildly popular this season. My nomination for What-Goes-Up-Must-Always-Come-Down-with-a-Thud award.

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DE in DC said...

There is not one character in this movie I cared about enough to cheer or cry for. In the end, every one of em left me cold, uninspired.