Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funny Or Sad?



gcotharn said...

Yours is an unexpectedly interesting question. And we'll never know.

Is he celebrating life via trying to have fun (however perfectly or imperfectly executed?)? Or, is he, subtly, a bad news narcissist who will only provoke misery inside his marriage?

Is she a good hearted and quirky co-conspirator? Or, is she sort of afraid and/or psychologically battered, and thus afraid to speak up and let her true wishes be known? Will she be secretly angry, and take it out on him later?

Ah, marriage. We are all eager for it.

Webutante said...

Don't know.... I shudder to think what may have happened on their wedding night....Is there even now such a thing as "dicreeet" and "private?"

gcotharn said...

lol wedding night.

Discreet? Heck no, we modern people can't even spell it!

This, above, is how I was going to tease/double entendre your typo. HOWEVER, I then became nervous over my own spelling of discreet, AND then went to the dictionary, AND then realized I had, up to that very moment, confused discrete and discreet in my own mind. Sooo, its ABSOLUTELY TRUE that this modern person (me) could neither spell discreet nor use it in a sentence, until this very minute.

So, anyway, we victims of modern public education do not know discretion.

Webutante said...

An admission: I am the world's worst speller and often mis-spell and use grown children---elites in the truest sense---are my harshest critics. At any rate, I had the foresight to run to so as not to disgrace myself.

Now that we may be able to spell it, shall we all strive to integrate it into our lives?---A novel idea!

Bob's Blog said...

Oh my gosh, this is what my stepson is very likely to do at his wedding.