Monday, August 30, 2010

Fashion: Forget the Emmy's, It's Fergie's Fascinators For Fun 'Fouture'


AFTER LOOKING OVER MOST OF THE EMMY'S FASHION PHOTOS, I found they all looked dreadfully similar, even the gorgeous ones that worked. Yawn. Then this great shot at the Daily Mail caught my eye and, well, my fascination. It's Fergie with her grown daughters in tow heading for a family wedding this past weekend in their oh-so-British head accoutrements.

The unique British thingy I'm referring to is the mini head covering called the fascinator---smaller than a proper hat but larger than a bird's nest. Or perhaps I should say, it's sorta like a little bird's nest with feathers, flowers, ribbons, beads and anything else that might conceivably strike a woman's fancy flaunting and bobbing on her head when she takes a notion to go to a special occasion. Whether they're conservative or even a little garrish, fascinators are the most fun accessory a woman will ever wear to a wedding, an afternoon garden party or the horse races.

I personally became acquainted with fascinators several years ago when my son married his beautiful British wife in Scotland. One of the most fun parts of the whole process was finding a proper fascinator to wear to their afternoon wedding ceremony outside Dunkeld. I poured over English and Scottish websites and ordered several. When I received them stateside, I had great fun playing dress-up in them for weeks before I chose the final one to fly to Edinburgh with me to the big event. Today I have them stored in my Nashville closet waiting to be worn at the slightest provocation.

So forget more predictable Emmy fashion photos, and get a load of Fergie and her daughters flaunting their fabulous, fine fascinators! Walking in as if they were the, er, Queen of England or something. Makes me happy just seeing them.

No woman is altogether predictable when she's wearing a fascinator, especially with a great pair of pumps. Like the lovely looking dame-ette below:
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