Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, Waiting On The Lord

Theme of Isaiah 40:


INSIGHT: God has given us the Christian family as a picture of the relationship between Him and His children. We are given earthly fathers, that we might more fully understand our heavenly Father. Just as an earthly father takes no delight in disciplining his children, so our heavenly Father takes no delight in disciplining His children. Hear the tenderness in these words: "Comfort, yes, comfort My people!" (v. 1). God tenderly loves us and takes no pleasure in our pain, although He desires our spiritual growth as a result.

From today's QuietWalk (Online) Daily Devotional

So often, waiting on the Lord, not doing---just waiting for God to show up to inspire us to right action is the hardest thing on earth for us to do. We're so action oriented and want to do things our way with our known resources.

Sometimes God gives us situations where we come to the end of ourselves and our doings and busyness. It's then we can either continue to spin out of control, or sit down, be quiet, listen and learn to wait on God.

Waiting always involves not knowing, sitting with uncertainty and pain. Sitting with whatever is going on---asking, waiting, being---can seem like the least helpful thing for us to do. And yet, whenever I try it, I'm always surprised that sooner or later the clouds begin to lift and I begin to feel stronger......God wants to mature us. God wants us to continue growing, and growing up as we continue our spiritual Walk with Him. Often it involves having us wait on Him. It seems counterintuitive, but often it's the most powerful thing we can do.


fraydna52 said...

Thank you for this post. It it what I needed to hear as we near the end of our rebuilding process and feel frustrated and irritable when things don't happen according to our timetable.

Webutante said...

You've been through so much, fraydna! And we all need to heed and learn to wait on God just as you're having to do.