Sunday, August 1, 2010

John MacArthur: When God Abandons A Nation

JOHN MACARTHUR SPEAKS THE WORD OF GOD as it was meant to be spoken. He never tells people what they want to hear, in euphemisms and half-truths. Instead, he tells and interprets it like IT is written and meant to be obeyed. When we re-interpret the Bible's teachings---and go to churches with pastors who do---to suit our needs, it may feel good for a time, but it loses its supernatural transformative power to change and conform our lives to Christ. A watered down Gospel doesn't save, it only digs us deeper into the grave of depravity as individuals and a nation.

MacArthur doesn't mince words here. It's a similar message to what I heard this morning here in Jackson at River Crossing, a powerful, powerful Bible-based church in the Valley. Listen only if you can stand theological incorrectness. This is not the prosperity or feel good gospel. This should cause each of us a degree of unease.


Mary said...

You wrote, "Listen only if you can stand theological incorrectness."

You sure about that?

Webutante said...

Thank you, Mary. What I meant was that the Gospel that's preached by believers like MacArthur is not watered down or relativized to say what people want to hear---theological correctness in other words.

True Biblical teaching of the Word of God is considered 'incorrectness' in many social Christian churches...

Perhaps I should have said: Listen only if you want to hear the Word as it was meant to be interrupted and preached.