Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday: Please Pray for Our Country That God Has Mercy On And Turns Us Around

PLEASE PRAY for our feckless President who is leading our nation at warp speed down into the abyss. Never can I remember a leader being more divisive, hopelessly mired in political correctness, and disrespectful of our country's religious and political heritage. All in the name of tolerance.

Between tolerance and the Commerce Clause, we're losing this country and our freedoms bit by bit. And make no mistake, I do not believe any politician or party has the answer to the problems we've created over the last four or more decades as we've turned our backs on God and embraced government as god and anything goes morality. God has allowed our decline. And only God can redirect this country, turn us around and create a spiritual revival and renewed morality and dedication to the Constitution in this country. We can and must do our part by prayer, prayer, prayer, obedience and acting on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

While a writer at the Daily Beast opines that conservatives fear the Ground Zero mosque, arguing when it's built nothing will happen and therefore it would show how unfounded our opposition is, I contend that nonesense totally misses the point. Allowing this mosque to be built in Manhattan is a symbolic travesty whether anything happens or not. It is an outrage. It would be like allowing a Hitler-worshipping church to be built next to Arlington National Cemetery.

It is tolerance in the name of religious freedom gone wild. Tolerance that has jumped the shark. Millions of Americans, including me, feel, moreover know, that the symbolic permissiveness of this is a horrifying blow to ourJudeo-Christian heritage and the Constitutional principles this country was both founded on and flourished by for over 200 years.

It is time to say Enough is Enough! We need to oppose this from the pulpit, in our prayer closets and on our knees. We need to oppose this at the ballot box and on the streets of America. We need to rise up and say in no uncertain terms, NO!

I said I may quit blogging, and I will have to cut back at times. But as long as our country faces this internal, INTERNAL, threat to its life, liberty and collective health I will be here writing my two-cents worth.

We're like frogs being boiled in hot water where the temperature is so slowly being turned up that we don't even notice the heat before it kills us. But we'd better wake up and soon or it will be too late.

Please join me in praying for our country and our silly, silly president. We must oppose this in every civil and legal ways we can. And pray that God will have mercy on us all.

Don't miss Leon De Winter at Pajamas Media on this subject.


Bob's Blog said...

Amen! Any chance you might reconsider blogging at Kingdom Triangle? (

Webutante said...

Thanks, Bob. The new venture looks great! At the moment I'm just too covered up to consider anything. But I'll keep looking at it.

Unknown said...

Web, your passion and love for our great country sure shines through this post. Please don't stop blogging. I come here often even though I rarely leave comments. I enjoy your analysis of current events and appreciate you so much. I'm right there with you in realizing the true need for this country is revival, retuning to the old paths and simplifying some of this silliness going on. My husband, a legal immigrant here, is so disappointed in seeing this exceptional country of which he dreamed to be a part of since his boyhood, going down hill fast. He and I both will stand and continue to pray that our great land will be restored.

Webutante said...

Hi dear Pam...always so good hearing from you. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers for our's going to be a full-time job and I too plan to do my part in whatever ways I feel directed....

615_libertarian said...

Even the name is provocative.
The name represents an Islamic victory.

Córdoba is a Spanish province that was the most western stronghold of the Islamic empire around 1000

From Wikkipedia:

"In May 766, it was elected as capital of the independent Muslim emirate of al-Andalus. During the caliphate apogee (1000 AD), Córdoba had a population of roughly 400,000 inhabitants."

The president has just given republican candidates some great talking points!

Webutante said...

Great info to know advcomps...thanks for adding it!

William said...

A meaningful take on the Mosque from conservative radio host - Phil Valentine. Worth a listen.

Webutante said...

On a purely human logical basis, Phil makes some interesting points. But, he misses the point of the symbolism of having the City of New York give permission to build this thing near the the fallen twin towers.

And another thing. If this is the innocuous everyday, non-radical mosque Phil intimates it is, then these regular Muslims should want to move the venue to another place and not press the issue. It's would be in extremely bad taste.