Saturday, August 28, 2010

Message For Ben From Reality Weather: Storms Coming; Stop Stimulating


THE WEATHER IN MORAN, WY THIS WEEKEND has turned nasty, cold, wet, windy and generally miserable as the Fed meets here and ponders the faux idea that it can actually do something to fix the economy. As if its efforts so far have made even a dent in the global fiscal tsunami that's coming. There's no shortage of hubris up at Jackson Lake Lodge this weekend.

Still, there seems to be a symbolic silver lining to all the bad weather blowing through: there's nothing The Fed can really do but wait out the storms and be patient. Let Nature take its course, as if there were any real other choice. Any posturing that Ben does this weekend should be taken with a grain of salt, as if Don Quixote were looking for more windmills to flail against.

Think the Fed and other visiting central bankers will take the hint from what Mother Nature's trying to tell them? I doubt it; moreover it is beyond doubtful---it's impossible in the Fed's current climate of elite Keynesian hubris. Still, you can't say, the reality weather going on here isn't doing its part to wake up these men who really think they can make things better and cure what ails the economy. What a shame. How sad that we will all suffer from their hubris and ego-centric fiddling where not even angels now dare to tread.

No one, no so-called annointed central bankers can defy the laws of Mother Nature and gravity. No not one.

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