Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama's Old Friend and Mentor---American Terrorist Billy Ayers

WEDNESDAY: Palestinians for Obama working hard. Meanwhile, LA Times refuses to release the explosive tape of Obama toasting PLO leader along with Ayers at a 2003 banquet.
The Times insisted that they saw no extra news value in a tape that reportedly features Barack Obama praising former Yasser Arafat toady Rashid Khalidi at a 2003 going-away party.

Don't think it matters that Barack Obama's political career started with a fundraiser in Billy Ayers living room in Chicago? Not worried by their long-term friendship? Don't think birds-of-a-feather flock together? Obama says the unrepentant Ayers did all his bad bombing stuff before he was eight, before they became good friends and colleagues, so, it doesn't mean anything. Do you really believe that?

Larry Grathwohl, a co-conspirator with Ayers and his Weathermen group and former FBI informant in the 60s, tells a chilling story to Bob Owens at Pajamas Media today of his days with Ayers and his group of terrorists.

Grathwohl, below, recalls how he and Ayers planned the extermination of 25 million Americans---"capitalists"---you know, the small and large job creators who pay 85% of our federal taxes and give tons of money to charities--- here in the US.

Whatever do you suppose they were thinking?

These terrorists decided that people who were capitalists but not put to death would be sent to "re-education" camps in the Southwest to be indoctrinated into the benefits of revolution and communism and...redistribution of wealth.

Again, whatever do you think these adolescents were thinking?

Did you ever wonder what would happen if all those hard workering entrepreneurs were killed who pay taxes into the federal treasury ? Maybe that's why countries like Cuba get poorer and poorer. They killed or send abroad all the driving forces of its economy that provide taxes and jobs.

Again, this is one of Obama's old friends, neighbors and colleagues. Below, Ayers and wife Bernardine defend and praise Ward Churchill.

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hatenpolitics said...

These are the reasons I am disillusioned with politics. Veiled comments about people in thier past, like McCain doesn't have any possible skeletons in the closet. And also lines like "suspected of ghost-writing Obaam's 'Dreams of My Father'" So if its only suspected that means there is no verifiable proof, but it makes it to all these blogs. And since it is an obvious conservative blog there are yet again no "suspected of" anything of McCain. It has all come down to following the party talking points, but trying the hardest to show in some small way that you dont always agree. On both sides sad to say.