Thursday, October 30, 2008

Protest at LA Times

UPDATE: Pajamas TV has more. Roger Simon interviews Ben Sharpio about Thursday's demonstration in LA. Then, Jennifer Rubin at Pajamas today explores what Rashid Khalidi believes and asks why the Times if running interference for Obama?


Inspired by commentators on the Internet and cable TV, thousands of people e-mailed and phoned The LA Times to demand the release of a suppressed Obama tape. LA Times refuses to release the tape of Obama toasting a PLO operative along with William Ayers at a 2003 banquet. The Times insisted that they saw no extra news value in a tape that reportedly features Barack Obama praising former Yasser Arafat toady Rashid Khalidi at a 2003 going-away party.

In 2005, when Princeton University made public that it was considering hiring Khalidi, there was such an outraged protest over Khalidi's controversial political ties and alliances with terrorists that the school backed off hiring him.

The controversy at the LA Times stems from an article by Times staff writer Peter Wallsten that the newspaper published on April 10, exploring Obama’s relationships with Palestinian Americans and Jews in Chicago. The article explained how Obama had managed to be held in high esteem by both groups. It described a party in 2003 for Khalidi, a renowned scholar on the Palestinians who in the 1970s had acted as a spokesman for Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization.

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