Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Howard Stern: Why It's Ridiculous to Talk Politics With Most People

Totally uninformed. Unbelievable. Correction: all too believable.

Rated R for language. Much of our electorate is clueless and wouldn't know an issue, a principle or even a candidate if it bit them in the brain. This is our deteriorating electorate.

de Tocqueville said, “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”

And so we will. So we will.


Paul Gordon said...

My greatest hope remains with the “Silent Majority”.

It is very real, comprised of folks who abhor confrontation and arguing with loons, and are apt to respond to the left’s “get into their faces” tactic by going into the voting booth with “Vengeance is mine!” in their thoughts.

They probably don't get polled all that much as they are busy with working and LIFE (and possibly skipped for fear they might give the wrong answers).

They aren’t big on demonstrations or political stickers (I suspect the likelihood of people actually going to the polls and voting is inversely proportional to the number of stickers on their cars), but they DO go out and vote.

Obamaphiles: note how many cars are free of political stickers; and be afraid, be very afraid :-)

Webutante said...

am hearted by your comment, Paul, after a very down day....thanks.

Paul Gordon said...

Web: You're quite welcome. I totally believe what I said about the "Silent Majority".

I also suspect that the Bradley Effect will be in play here, because many people may have serious doubts about this guy's totally non-existent resume but choose to tell pollsters what they want to hear rather than argue about whether they are racist or not.

This could apply to exit polls as well, resulting in discouraging news when they are reported, followed by WTF? when the actual numbers come.

At least, that's my hope, and I don't think it an unreasonable one.

Don't lose heart. That's precisely what they want us to do; be so worn out and sick with despair, that we don't even go and vote election day.

I'm tempted to accommodate them this far; skip election day by early voting for McCain/Palin if I get the chance.

Think THAT will make 'em happy?:-)

Naw... Not remotely possible. Ever notice how many of his supporters go around looking as if they just swallowed something particularly nasty?

If it wasn't for who they are, I'd probably feel sorry for them; it must really suck to BE them sometimes.

Jungle Mom said...

Sometime I think that voters should be tested, at least on the basics of the two platforms. Or at least on the VP's names, or something, before they are allowed to vote.

Webutante said...

Agreed. It's shocking the lack of even superficial information.