Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama's Chicken Button and Chimera of Leadership

It's always easier to recuse oneself rather than to take a stand. But isn't withdrawal a failure of true leadership? Doesn't strong leadership require strong self-definition? Isn't using the chicken button, except in rare circumstances, just another way path of weakness, failed leadership, or worse, no leadership at all? I fear we're about to elect a charming, smooth chimera of leadership rather than the real thing.

Thanks ladies, Fausta and Obi's Sister, for highlighting thes videos. Will keep it going.


Obi's Sister said...

Thanks for the link.

That Chicken Button just nails it, doesn't it?

William said...

I think you might need a refresher course on Phil Gramm, Enron, and Charles Keating.

Nice try. It's not working.