Thursday, October 9, 2008

Radical ACORN and Scandalous Voter Registration Fraud

Saturday UPDATE: Federally funded with tax payer dollars Acorn in Ohio and its associations with Obama.

How 4,000 Dead Will Vote in Houston? You've heard of the Grateful Dead, now it's the Registered Dead.


A great deal of our sub-prime mess was facilitated by the extreme, in-your-face lobbying efforts of ACORN the organization which protested in bank lobbies and on Main Streets across the country for the lowering of lending standards to people who couldn't afford and were not deserving of mortgages.

This is an organization that Barack Obama has been associated with for years. Much funding for ACORN came from a Freddie Mac foundation to underwrite ACORN's radical tactics that stridently stood up for the rights of people who had no income, no jobs and no accountability.

Now radical ACORN is lobbying for the lowering of voter registration standards all over American so that Barack Obama can get elected. It's scandalous, to say the least. These radicals are fiercely registering 'voters' all over the country, in every state in the nation. Missouri. There's Kansas City. Las Vegas. Or Indianapolis?

Fraudulent voter registration, sponsored and spearheaded by ACORN, is out of control in this country and we ignore it at our great peril.

Convicted felon? No problem, ACORN will get you registered. Why stop at registering you once. You deserve to register several times. Illegal immigrant? No problem, ACORN insists you get register to vote this year. Deceased? No problem, ACORN thinks you still deserve to vote for Barack.

This is illegal and we ignore it at great peril to our country's well-being and greatest freedoms. ACORN insists we lower every standard, break every law to grind a political ax that will doom us in the end if we don't stop it now. First there was sub-prime lending. Now there's sub-standard voting registration. This in-our-face organization should be prosecuted and if it has a tax-exempt status, it should be rescinded.


William said...

Kind of like how U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy spanked the Montana GOP's Executive Director Jake Eaton for his unsubstantiated (and since-withdrawn) challenge to 6,000 voters in Democratic-leaning counties?

You parroted lies are BS.

ACORN organization attempts to authenticate every registration form its workers submit and by law they must turn in every form to election officials --- even if they find a registration to be fraudulent when they call the phone number submitted on the form, or if the forms are otherwise suspect or incomplete. They flag all questionable registration forms as being suspect before turning them in to officials.

Lies won't help you now.

Webutante said...

There's only one reason I continue to publish your comments, William. You're the most superficial and ill-informed commenter I have or ever hope to have.

Serving Patriot said...

Oh, but this is so comical. Rick Davis, says "I think we've clearly established that what Barack Obama says about his relationship with ACORN over 20 years of activity, and even most recently ... is somehow different than what he's trying to lead the public to believe." (

-- and all the media and ill-informed commentariate go running off to lap it up, gulp it down and then spew it all over the rest of us!

But, exactly who is this Rick Davis dude that's telling us such BAAAD things about ACORN? Is it this guy?

* Davis has several money-related scandals in his background.

* Davis founded a lobbying firm -- Davis, Manafort Inc. -- which has made at least $2.8 million lobbying Congress since 1998.

* Since 2000, Davis' two campaign and lobbying roles often overlapped. In 1999, while he was McCain's campaign manager, his firm represented SBC Communications Inc. and Comsat Corp. At that time, both communications companies had controversial mergers pending at the Federal Communications Commission. The Senate Commerce Committee has legislative authority over the FCC, and McCain was chairman of that committee. Both mergers were eventually approved.

* In 2003, Davis was president of the Reform Institute, a nonprofit focused on overhauling campaign finance laws. The group, based in the same building as Davis' lobbying firm, paid him $110,000 in consulting fees that year. McCain served on the institute's board; Davis was then the senator's chief political adviser.

* Davis solicited tens of thousands in contributions for the institute from communications companies such as Cablevision and Echosphere. Several of these same companies had business before the Commerce Committee while McCain was chairman.

* In between two $100,000 donations to the Reform Institute, Cablevision's CEO testified before the committee in favor of a la carte pricing, and McCain wrote a letter of support to the FCC and asked other cable companies to support the pricing scheme, according to a 2005 story by the Associated Press.

* In May 2008, Davis admitted he owned an Internet consulting company called 3eDC with lobbying partner Paul Manafort. McCain's campaign hired 3eDC to run its website, and by the end of the first quarter owed the company more than $175,000. At the time, Davis was drawing $20,000 per month as the campaign's CEO.


Hmmm. Seems Mr. McCain's campaign manager is a bit of the shady side himself. Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black eh??? He is a lobbyist dontcha know and those folks a paid to shill whatever they are paid to shill.


Oh, and BTW, where's Vicky these days?? Enquirer-ing minds want to know...


can I be the most ill-informed commentator now? Or are your standards to low???