Friday, October 24, 2008

Cuba: Where "Change" and "Hope" Went to Die


One picture = million words = 50 years = abject poverty = dictatorship = loss of freedom = thousands of refugees.

Want government to do more for you? Why wait? Why not move to Cuba, where everything is a government service?

The rest is impoverished, brutal history in Cuba.

Charming and soft spoken, wasn't he? Champion of free speech and human rights for all. And heartened that other countries were supposedly in his camp with his beliefs. But somehow Fidel's words and actions didn't line up after he came to power, did they? And people here saw it coming. But the lambs went to the slaughter just as we feared they would. Don't say it's couldn't happen here. Many see it coming and hope and pray they're wrong. I happen to be one of them. Please pray for our country.


Serving Patriot said...


Now you're comparing a regularly scheduled civil election, one that included debates, lots of media coverage and a large number of involved citizens -- to a civil war???


Please get a grip. There isn't a political party out there today that advocates violent revolution against the United States. Not even the Natural Law Party.

Although, maybe this one does and we all know who was happy to send along their best gubernatorial greetings eh?

I'll tell you what, I'll give you the same advice I've heard ad nauseum these past several years. If you can't live with the results of this year's Presidential election, leave.


Conservative Patriot said...

Victor Davis Hanson today on Pajamas on Obama's troubling relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers:

"Why didn’t the media or McCain just ask Obama a few of the following questions: Why did you keep emailing and phoning Bill Ayers for three years after 9/11, when the country was gripped by fear of terror, and Ayers, like bin Laden, said that he had not done enough bombing, and had no regrets about the terrorism he had committed?"

staghounds said...

But Cuba has free health care!

I saw it in a movie!

Just found your work- marvelous. And you have the best name!

Paul Gordon said...

"But Cuba has free health care!

I saw it in a movie!"

Was the movie "An American Carol"? :-)

Webutante said...

thanks, staghounds...come back anytime.

hatenpolitics said...

I like the last lines of the post. "Dont say it couldnt happen here" is my favorite. Are you not making a big leap by saying one man as president could turn us into Cuba? Did you forget about Congress? Or the American people? Do you really believe that congress would railroad something like that through? If so, you must be more jaded than I am. Thats like saying if McCain gets elected we will have more wars for sure because he wont stop till he defeats terrorism. I dont believe either one. And I still dont see either man as a good or bad president. If I had to I could I would with to elect neither of them.